Offene Gesetze

Dec 2018

Together with Stefan Wehrmeyer, Arne Semsrott and the Open Knowledge Foundation Germany (OKF), we made the German federal law gazettes freely accessible for the first time: It was covered by the Sueddeutsche Zeitung and Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung and others. More information in English is available on the OKF’s project page.

I was fully responsible for the frontend development of this Web project. It uses serverside rendering with next.js. Especially the fast preview of PDFs was the focus on the work. PDFs are not meant for the Web so some websites only how images (GIFs or JPGs) of the PDF. However, this requires additional preprocessing and storage capacity on the server side. We went with the PDF but used PDF.js to render the images on the device. This is a pratical solution. Nevertheless, the whole PDF has to be downloaded before the rendering starts. This can be a problem for long documents. But the majority of the PDF documents has only a couple of pages in our cases.

The code is available on Github.