preview Offene Register EDA

Offene Register EDA

March 2019

Exploratory data analysis (EDA) of German companies.

The UK-based Open Data company OpenCorportes made the German company register publicy available. They gave the data to the Open Knowledge Foundation Germany so they can distribute it freely on

In order to dive deeper into the data, I created several graphics. The main one is about the different distribution of male and female names among the registered people. The finding got picked up by the Sueddeutsche Zeitung, MDR, GruenderSzene and others. The famous German advertising agency Jung von Matt create a corporate marketing video based on my work.

My original graph about male and female names (click on the videos to pause them):

I also investigated the occurences of year numbers in the company names:

And finally a graph the term frequency in company names:

Videos were created to share them on social media. It is impossible to display all the information in a single static images. The code, data and graphics are on GitHub.

In addition, I developed a simple tool to grasp the network structure of the company resgister: